Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love the Fall..

Anybody and Everybody that knows me knows how much I love the Fall.  Especially Thanksgiving...I love everything about it. The cool crisp days, the beautiful colors the trees change too and especially getting together with my family for no reason.  Just because I love them so much and love their company. I do however miss my sisters alot. They do not live here in California but I speak to them almost every other day. So, they are always close to me.

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So, I was so happy when my sister, Betty, asked me to design something for her Thanksgiving Dinner.  She wanted some napkins but she wanted them a bit more fun. So, we decided I would embroider a beautiful saying "Bless All who gather here" on them and the fun part, we decided to do them on a Bar Mop. I love the idea.  Not formal as a linen napkin but very absorbent since it is more like a towel. I just ran a test and LOVE the way it came out. The leaves are from Embroidery Library. I did have to do some editing to it but I love that company. ~I forgot to iron a bit before I took picture~ this is right out of the washer and dryer after I embroidered. Beautiful!