Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Monogrammed IPhone/ IPod Case

I purchased this Monogrammed IPhone/IPod Case In the Hoop project . Oh my gosh.  I just love it. It was so EASY to make.  The only issue are those pain in the butt snaps. I haven't put them in yet. I want to practice a bit on scraps before I put them on this beautiful case. I have a DroidX, so this case is a little short but I will use for my Ipod Classic.  I purchased the project from Digistitches. They are great.

Just love it... Especially this great green and brown apple fabric. I am going to make some placemats out of it. It makes me smile.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super Simple Easy Pillows

Tim talked us into gettting rid of his bed and putting a futon in his room.  His cover is plain black.  I told him that I would make him some throw pillows to add some color to the futon. 

First of all, I refuse to pay $15-$20 for pillow forms for a teenagers room that allows his black lab to lay on his bed.  Enough said...  So, I purchased regular bed pillows at Wal-Mart for $2.50 each.  I cut the length down to 20" to make a 20' square. Pulled some of the stuffing out, and sewed it shut... Created my own pillow form  for $2.50 each.  YEAH

I had  purchased some great Marcus Fabric a while ago. I cut 4 20"in squares but I cut them on the fold, so I only had 3 open sides.  I was going to make these an envelope closure on the back but decided, I just wanted something simple, so just made them Easy Pillows. 

With right side together I pinned them along 2 sides and part of 3rd side, I left about a 10" opening between the corners.  So, I sewed down one side, done the 2nd side, and down part of the 3rd side. Started to sew again on the 3rd side to the end.
I trimmed the corners, to make sharp corners. Turned right side out.  I pressed the opening to the inside. This step will help when you stitch closed.  I then worked my pillow form into the opening. Be patient or you will rip your stitches.  After you have the pillow form in, using pins, pin closed with several pins.  I then hand stitched the opening closed. 

Timmy and I love how the turned out and they were so easy to make. And since they were cheap to make, I won't care when I see Pearl, the black lab, laying on them.