Sunday, April 29, 2012

What I have been up to...

Sorry I haven't posted anything recently.  Been busy with work but have found time for crafting. 

Made this tile for a good friend of mine. Sally loved it.

Made this for a friend who just had his first baby. Gave with an easle

Made 6 of these for a fundraiser. They sold for about $20 each!

Made some really cute Easter Baskets for my staff. They loved them almost as much as I did making them.

Made this for a baby shower for an employee of mine.
These are the great tumblers I ordered. LOVE THEM!
Made this for my niece,Lauren. I sent her fundraiser check in it!

I created this decal for my car. I LOVE how it turned out. Love you Mom!

As you can see.  I have been really busy. 

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