Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Sur

We are always so busy with work and everyday life, we forget how beautiful the area we live in is. So, Friday night, I told my youngest son and husband not to make plans for Sunday. That we were going to go on a picnic. They agreed with NO COMPLAINTS but they didn't know where we were going and didn't even ask.  I just told them to be ready to leave by 9:30.

So, I packed up a picnic basket and cooler for a quick lunch and some relaxation.  I packed a few games and my NookColor. They brought their own IPods. With the car packed with basket, cooler and chairs ~we were off to beautiful Big Sur.  We only live about 30-45 minutes from Big Sur. It was a quick, breath taking drive down. I forgot how truly beautiful the drive is.

We got into Pfeiffer State Beach, we parked and walked a few yards to the river and set up right there along the river.It was so peaceful to sit and just listen to the river running. I relaxed and read my Nook while my son and husband went walking up the river.  Weather was perfect at 76 degrees. Just a little breeze every once in a while to cool you off.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend as well. 

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