Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweat Shop is closed!

Well, the Sweat Shop is finally closed.  I finally finished all of the jerseys.  It went much faster since I used both of my embroidery machines side by side. My son, Chuck, came by and came into my sewing room.  He just said "REALLY". I cracked up and took a picture to see how he saw it.....

Pretty funny when you look at it from this point of view!

Well, now that this big project is finished, I can work on FUN stuff now.  I have some projects that I have been wanting to get done. A few baby gifts, a few totes and slings, and some Hallowen projects... I purchased some new fabric that was delivered two weeks ago and some more that is coming in Tues. Can't wait to see the UPS guy. Don't you just love your UPS guy?

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  1. And don't those UPS guys always smell so-o-o-o good??! Mine do!